Baroness BARKER                            Lib Dem
Lord BERKELEY                                Labour
Baroness BOTTOMLEY                    Conservative
Viscount BRIDGEMAN                    Conservative
Lord BUTLER                                     Crossbench
Lord COLWYN                                   Conservative
Viscount CRAIGAVON                     Crossbench
Lord GREAVES                                  Lib Dem
Lord HASKEL                                     Labour
Lord HOFFMANN                             Crossbench
Baroness JONES                                Green
Lord KENNEDY                                 Labour
Lord LAIRD                                         Non-affiliated
Lord MCNALLY                                  Lib Dem
Baroness NYE                                    Labour
Lord REDESDALE                              Lib Dem
Lord RUSSELL                                   Crossbench
Lord TEVERSON                                Lib Dem
Lord WATSON                                   Lib De
Lord YOUNG of Graffham               Conservative
Lord YOUNG of Norwood Grn        Labour